Boiler Repair & Cleaning

Boiler Cleaning Services

Boiler repair requires a completely different skill set for repairs and cleaning than a furnace. Greensboro Heating & Plumbing is a boiler repair company that understands all the fine details in the differences between a boiler and furnace. A boiler heats your home using hot water and a furnace heats your home using warm air. Boilers also differ in that some circulate hot water through pipes in your home to distribute heat and some boilers use steam from the heated water. Our heating technicians are fully trained and understand the differences in these systems and how to correctly repair and clean both a hot water boiler and a steam boiler. Boiler service and repair is one of our specialties at Greensboro Heating & Plumbing.

In addition to offering boiler repair service, Greensboro Heating and Plumbing also offers boiler cleaning services. Boiler cleaning can ensure that your boiler is working properly and help prevent future repairs. With an annual cleaning of your boiler you can rest assured that your boiler will be operating at peak efficiency. A soot buildup in the chimney could have serious health implications because water vapor, nitrogen, and harmful carbon monoxide would be unable to exit your home as they should.

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